Archarya Vipul Chuahan

Swabhuti Jyotish Gharana’s Aura & Vastu Specialist, Qualified Enough To Solve All Your Problems

Archarya Vipul Chuahan’s Proficiency In Aura Color Test & Aura Photo Scanning

Background of Archarya Vipul Chuahan

Archarya Vipul Chuahan, son of well-renowned astrologer Guruji Anil Kumar, is a certified aura and vastu expert in India. He’s blessed with professional astrology skills and competent in vedic and modern astrology to eventually recognize negativity and offer exact solutions at economical charges. His professional career started in palmistry and astrology under expert guidance of his father. Furthermore, he has shown interest in vastu shastra (ancient architectural science) to offer required support in construction of residential and commercial space.

Aura Specialist Archarya Vipul Chuahan

Archarya Vipul Chuahan is an aura expert, who is also a certified astrologer, plamist, and vastu specialist to offer exact solutions. He belongs to the family of renowned astrologers, and possess years of experience in aura color reading, and aura photo scanning to identify negative or positive radiation/ energy (vibes) within yourself. His healing process is quite unique, which is customized scientifically according to the needs of clients.

His Reading of Aura Color Meanings

Inspired by Guruji Anil Kumar, Archarya Vipul Chuahan has majorly shown interest in a new genre, which is “aura photo scanning” to read out negative or positive radiations (vibes) present within a person or object. And also, will calculate what percentage you need changes or positive energy to achieve success in personal and professional career. His highly-developed healing process will even ensure your mental and physical growth, categorized as pre and post-relieve procedure.
Archarya Vipul Chuahan is certified in vedic astrology, planetary positions, aspects of modern astrology, predications, aura color meanings, and vastu shastra guidance. Also, he has reached to the level of ‘Archarya’ in astrology education.

His Vision

Archarya Vipul Chauhan is a certified aura specialist, who’s intended to assist people in solving problems related to money, career, relationship, psychic issues, or pregnancy-related problems in a simple and scientific ways. His healing process is quite unique, and also expertise in exchange of energies.

His ultimate motive is to address each and every problem of clients in a practical way with scientifically proven remedies. Archarya Vipul is using advanced aura photo scanning software to recognize your aura color and its meanings to offer you exact solutions at economical packages.

He is also qualified in vedic astrology and vastu shastra, and so you can ask any sort of astro support to eliminate problems or negative vibes in your personal and professional career. To get rid of paranormal activities, you can even seek his help today!